Pick up your Event Pack on Friday or the morning of the Event

Event Pack pickup is when you will receive all your event materials so you and your team are fully ready to participate in the event. These include your all-important event numbers, which must be worn on your chest throughout the event, and your Tasuki (sash).

Tasuki: One & only one

The Tasuki (sash) is the most important thing in your event pack. It is the item that must be passed from team member to team member around the course. This is effectively the “baton” in your relay. Any team who do not have their Tasuki on the course will be disqualified.

Follow the links to access further event information:

Important Dates
Fancy Dress World Champs
Fancy Dress World Champs
Rotorua Ekiden Fun Team Relay Finisher Medal
2019 Finisher Medal
Event Pack Pickup
Your Team Tasuki (Sash)
Japanese Taiko Drummers at the Rotorua Ekiden Fun Relay
Event Day Schedule
Venue and Parking
Getting Around the Course
Rotorua Ekiden Team Relay Team Captain
Download Team Captain’s Handbook
Rotorua Ekiden Merit Awards and Rules
Awards and Rules
2019 Event FAQ
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