Rotorua Ekiden FAQ

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Can a Team Captain enter her team members online?
Yes. The easiest way to do this is by using this link to log into your profile:
1. Click on ‘Register Someone Else’
2. Select ‘Add Someone’
3. Follow the onscreen instructions

How do I update our team details?
Team Captains can access their team list by logging into their profile.
1. Visit this link:
2: Click on the words ‘Standard Team’ or ‘School Team’ below your name and you will be able to edit your team details including, team name, song, race category, etc.

What’s the maximum length a team name can be?
Ideally, 20 characters so that they can be clearly seen when printed on the bibs. Remember if you want to be seen, keep it short – the longer the name the smaller the font.

Can the Team Captain be an organisation or business?
No. The Team Captain needs to be a person.

Is the After Party function prize-giving free?
Yes. Your team registration fee includes a complimentary ticket to the After Party at the Novotel on Saturday night.

Is there an age restriction for team members?
Yes, all participants must be at least 13 years old on event day.

Can I run or walk with a dog, even if I keep the dog on the lead?
No, unless there is a health reason for doing so, and only with written the permission of the organisers.

Can I run more than one leg?
Yes! You can run as many legs as you want to as long as there are three people in a team and the other two members do a leg each.

What is a lap?
A lap is the same as a leg. It is the official term for an Ekiden leg. You may see and hear both mentioned by the organisers.

Can I change my team order on race day?
Yes! We are not concerned who does what leg for your team, as long as all team members do at least one leg… and have fun!

Can I run alongside a team member to support them?
Yes! As long as you are another team member of that team.

What happens if as a walking team we decide to run?
Please let us know as early as possible if you need to change your division from walking to running. Send an email to

I’m entered in a running team. If I walk some of the time will I be disqualified?
No. Walking is permitted in the running section but running is not permitted in the walking section.

Will there be water out on the course?
Yes! There will be a limited amount of water and electrolyte at each of the changeover stations but we ask you to use your own container. It is important the event is as environmentally friendly as it can be plastic cups are not something we want to use.

What’s the average time a walker or runner would take to complete the course?
You’ll find this information on the Event Results page.

Can any team enter the Fancy Dress World Champs?
Yes, teams from any of the categories are eligible to enter the competition. Your team can start with the rest of the Fancy Dress Competitors, or in your division (walkers or runners). Please refer to the Event Day Schedule for start times, and read the rules of the Fancy Dress World Champs (both can be found on the Event Info page of the Ekiden website.

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