Getting around the course

Each team is responsible for moving themselves around the course – in fact, that’s part of the fun!

Most teams have a single team vehicle which they drive from changeover point to changeover point.

Your team might have a designated, non-competing Team Captain at the helm, or you might just share the driving. The Rotorua Ekiden is the ideal team event because even a standard family car is enough to transport a whole team around the course. You’ll have five team members in the car – squishy, but doable – whilst the sixth team mate takes part. Granted, by the time you hit leg four you’ll probably want to have the windows wound waaaay down, but you’ll sure get to know each other a lot better!

Pimp Your Ride

Some teams even take the fancy dress theme to their team vehicle. Whilst we don’t think its necessary to paint your transit up as the Mystery Machine to match your Scooby Doo outfit, a few balloons and flags might make it easier to find your ride during the hectic first changeover. In 2014, we even had a fire engine on the course!

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