The second leg follows the eastern edge of Ngongataha Domain, where the wooden pedestrian bridge takes you over the stream and into Taui Sreet. You will then pass through the Ngongataha Railway Park before joining SH 36 for the next 4km.

The terrain is pastural with some rolling hills. In most places there is a wide shoulder on the road for running or walking.


Just past the 5km mark, the road curves gently up to the junction where SH36 veers off to Tauranga. Bear right onto Hamurana Road where a long gentle downhill brings you back to the lake side. The second changeover point is dead ahead of you at the boat ramp.

Job done!


It is your responsibility to take the upmost care of yourself and those around you. While the changeover points are a lot of fun, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Team drivers MUST enter, park and exit the changeover vicinity slowly and safely. Concentrate on the road and those around you, not the event.
  • Team members, watch out for other cars when you exit or enter your vehicle – you are not bulletproof!
Leg Distance Locations Terrain
Leg 1 7.50 Novotel Rotorua Lakeside to Ngongotaha Domain Flat
Leg 2 7.88 Ngongotaha Domain to Hamurana Rolling hills
Leg 3 8.43 Hamurana to Marama Resort Long flats, some steep hills
Leg 4 9.27 Marama Resort to Airport Long flats, some hills
Leg 5 3.24 Airport to Puketawhero Park Flat
Leg 6 5.88 Puketawhero Park to Rotorua Village Green Flat