You may transfer your entry to another person using the process noted below. The transfer process must be initiated AT LEAST 48 HOURS prior to online entries closign. It cannot be done in person or by any other method.

How to do a person-to-person transfer:

  1. Download the hard copy entry form from the “”Enter”” page on the web site of your chosen
  2. Have the new entrant complete the entry form – including signing the waiver – and complete
    the credit card section to pay the $10 transfer fee
  3. Send an email to entries AT Your email must include the following:

    – the eticket of the entry being transferred from

    – a completed, signed and scanned copy of the official race entry form including card details
    to complete the transfer payment

When we have received all of these items, we will process the transfer and send a replacement eticket to the new entrant

Important Notes:
1. In some cases, a personalised bib may have already been printed for the current entrant prior to the transfer taking place. A replacement bib will not be issued so the new entrant will use the existing race number. If you are concerned about having the incorrect name on your race number, feel free to cover it up with tape or marker pen.
2. Transfers of Albany Lakes Summer Series “”Series Pass”” must be done prior to the the close of entries for the first race of the series. Transfers of “”Series Pass”” are not permitted after this time.
3. There is no charge for person-to-person transfers for Corporate Challenge entries.
4. There is no charge for changing the team members in a Rotorua Ekiden team.