When you register you’ll find 6 x race numbers and 6 x timing tags in your registration pack. It’s important to take care of these two items – they are vital for your participation in the event.

Read on for more information on your race number and timing tag.

Race Number

It is essential that each team member wears their race number throughout the event. Your race number should be worn on the front of your top, using a safety pin to secure it in each corner. If you don’t have any safety pins, come and see us at the registration desk on race morning and we’ll fix you up. However, we do understand that some of you in costume may want to change the position of your race number to suit. Have at it – so long as it is clearly visible, we’re all good.

Pimp Your Bib

When you register, you can choose to have a nickname or other message on your race number, instead of your first name. Just look for the “nickname” question when entering. There is limited space on the bib and we want your nickname to be big and easy to read, so this field is limited to a maximum of 20 characters. Some participants prefer to keep things on the down-low. If you’d rather that your name was not printed on your race number just leave that field empty on the team list. Your team name will be printed on the bib too.

Due to the lead time required to print and prepare the race numbers, if you enter in the final week prior to the event it is unlikely you will have a name or nickname printed on your race number. Feel free to get the sharpie out and get busy with your best artwork.

It’s also important to remember that if your entry was transferred from another person, it’s possible that the race number was printed with their name on it. In these cases, you can either go with the flow, or put some tape over the name to cover it up. Either way, the race results will correctly show your name, even if your bib does not.

Timing Tag

Your team timing tags are used to calculate your overall team time and place for the race results and also – unique to the Rotorua Ekiden – the split time for every individual race leg. To work properly, the tag must be tied into the laces of either shoe. We will place timing mats at the start line, the finish line and at each changeover location.

Important! It is vital that team members who are waiting around for their team members at the various changeover points do not stand on or near the timing mats as this will trigger the split time for your team and mess up the stats for your team members. The timing mats are bright blue and will have fencing around them so they are easy to spot … and avoid.

Running Events use the timing services of our sister company, Timing Sports – one of the largest and most experienced race timing providers in the world. With Timing Sports, you are in good hands.

Wearing Your Tag
Your timing tag should be tied into the laces of your shoes. It doesn’t matter which foot you put it on, but it is very important that the tag sits flat on the top of your foot and not bouncing around or dangling on the side of your foot. This is because the orientation of the tag relative to the ground (and the timing mats) determines how likely it is to be properly recorded. If the tag isn’t sitting in an approximately flat position on top of your foot, it may not register at all and you may not get a result. The video below shoes how to correctly tie your tag into your laces for optimum comfort and security.

Which of the 6 Tags Should I Use?
All six tags in your registration pack are coded to your team number so it doesn’t matter which one each person wears, so long as everyone who is taking part is wearing one. If you have less than six people in your team, you can return the spare tags to us at registration or hand them in at the finish line.

Returning Your Tag
Your timing tag is an expensive electronic device which is loaned to you for the duration of the event by Timing Sports. It is extremely important that you return your tag after you finish, using the tag return bins provided. If, for whatever reason, you do not take part in the event, you must still return your timing tag. Timing Sports track the status of all tags and a fine may be levied if you do not return yours – this is something you agreed to as part of the event waiver when you registered for the event.

Your tag can be returned in a standard envelope. You do not need to send your race number with it or any other information. Timing Sports will scan the tag and record its safe return. The address is:

Timing Sports – Tag Return,
PO Box 30-1431,
Albany 0752

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