The shortest and easiest leg of the ekiden is probably also the least inspiring, leaving you with a straight choice between taking the easy path or going for a more challenging, but perhaps more rewarding section. What will it be young grasshopper? That said, if you have a real speed-merchant on the crew, this could be the ideal time to unleash those fast twitch fibres and make some moves on the rest of the field.

From the weighbridge, you need to take plenty of care as you cross the entrance to Rotorua International Airport and then run through the city’s outer suburbs. At the Owhata roundabout bear right onto Owhata Rd and then left into Vaughan Rd. From here, the changeover is a hop, skip and jump away.

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All teams need to take the upmost care at Changeover Points

We know the changeover points are a lot of fun and it’s very exciting waiting for your runner to arrive before you dash off to the next changeover. However, all participants MUST take the utmost care of themselves and those around them. Please, please, please – this is not the Olympics and a few seconds will not matter at the end of the afternoon. Team drivers – you MUST enter, park and exit the changeover vicinity slowly and safely. Concentrate on the road and those around you, not the race. Team members, look out for other cars when you exit your vehicle – you are not bulletproof!

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